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CC Carter's Music is written primarily as social and political commentary, mostly in the acoustic Americana genre. His song Insidious, (Reggae/Rock, music and production by Sir Mcp) was inspired by the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin near Orlando Florida, USA 2012 and remains as pertinent as ever today, especially highlighted in the recent murder by the police of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. His song The Ninety-Nine, was inspired by the World Wide Occupy Movement and still gets some European airplay. Big Oil, Big Coal, was inspired by the Deep Water Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil rig ecological disaster and by the Big Branch coal mine explosion (West Virginia, USA) which killed twenty nine miners. Degenerate corporate greed being the underlying causal factor in both instances.
His songs also include love songs and story songs, and are influenced by many topics, artists, styles, and genres. The three songs mentioned above and fifty more are still currently posted at this site;
CC Carter is still in the main a "political" song-writer and has an immanent five song release (first of June 2020) under the band name Zero, entitled 20/20 with his old Culture of Fear band mate and long time collaborator Sir Mcp, which will not be at this site, but will be on their new Bandzoogle Platform under the newly formed umbrella. (Please check it out!) The songs are Industrial Dystopian Rock, written just prior to Covid 19, and were and are a call for World Justice and to honor the world-wide front line protesters from Hong Kong to Paris, standing in solidarity against social injustice everywhere and back dropped by the terrifying escalation of Global Warming. (And now the onslaught of Covid 19, the new tensions between the USA and China, and the upcoming US election, which stinks of all the warning signs of a possible impending second American civil war, dry grass for an already raging fire). The clock ticks ever louder, faster. Great change is here, even greater change is coming. Beware. Prepare.

Another five song compilation by Zero, Black Valentine,
will be released by end of summer 2020.

CC is also a short story writer, painter, poet, and gardener.

Kill your Television 2005
American Son 2009
This Pretty Life 2012
Dragonfly 2015

20/20 (as Zero W/ Sir Mcp) 2020