CC Carter Music
A Thousand Stars
winter thoughts of boyhood days gone by
railroad trains & lullaby's
a mason jar of fireflies
a thousand stars up in the sky
stamp your feet and make a wish
camp fire nights and speckled fish
ripe tomatoes on the vine
sweet puppy breath and fishing line
playing Cowboys & Indians with my friends
I always was the Indian
digging deep for pirate gold
it was whatever rocks we found

my first kiss was in a cemetery
a sure-fire clue into the mystery
we had summer skies and dirty knees
as moonlight shadows traced the roots of trees
the sap keeps rising and the tide
until all innocence is left behind
like yellow kites and cherry pie
like sunlight on a dragonfly
with some remorse but no regrets
stealing uncle's cigarettes
dad's disappearing red taillights
mother crying softly in the night

children, lovers
art and friends
work and worry
loss and gain
here so briefly gone so soon
a daydream on an autumn afternoon
of books and rivers words and cars
of brunette curls and blond guitars
life is like walking down a railroad track
moving forward always looking back
what seems so slow is really moving fast
until that train rolls in at last

just winter thoughts
of summer days gone by
a mason jar of fireflies
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
a thousand stars
up in the sky
Lyrics Credits: C.C. Carter
Music Credits: C.C. Carter
Producer Credits: C.C. Carter
Publisher Credits: C.C. Carter
Performance Credits: C.C. Carter
Label Credits: C.C. Carter
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Story Behind the Song:
Song Length: 4:48
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: -